The V8 E30 That BMW Should Have Made Is Truly Wonderful

In the three decades it’s existed, the E30 BMW 3-Series went from yuppie mascot to irrelevant old coupe to bargain fun car to cult classic to the celebrated standard of practical performance that it is today. We’ve seen plenty of custom E30 builds, but nobody’s created an E30 V8 that really felt like it could have come out of the BMW factory. Until now. watch foto on link below;

In its original form, Rob Dietz’s 1986 BMW 325e was just another E30 coupe with a modest efficiency-oriented engine under the hood. Perfectly respectable and enjoyable, beloved by millions of people. However, in its current form, the car is something else entirely. It is a vision realized, an example of what happens when there is an entire philosophy behind a build, not just a desire for more power. (MOAR POWER!)

The subtly of this particular build is what makes it special. It’s so close to what I imagine an E30 340i would have been that I’m not entirely convinced this car didn’t slip in here from an alternate timeline.

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