Texas’s pick to safeguard environment? The man behind Dakota Access pipeline

The CEO behind the Dakota Access pipeline might not seem an obvious choice to be designated a custodian of the environment. Texas Republicans, though, appear to disagree. The appointment of Kelcy Warren to the Texas parks and wildlife commission was approved by a state senate nominations committee on Thursday after a 4-3 vote along party lines, meaning it progresses to a vote by the full senate later this year.
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Warren is a Dallas-based magnate who is head of Energy Transfer Partners, the company whose pipeline under the Missouri river in remote North Dakota attracted year-long mass protests and legal challenges, with Native American tribes contending that it could harm sacred ground and drinking water.
Still, the 61-year-old is close to being reconfirmed as one of 10 members of the wildlife commission, which guides a state agency with a stated mission “to manage and conserve the natural and cultural resources of Texas and to provide hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation opportunities for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations”.

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