Standing Rock Chairman Speaks Out Against Pro-DAPL Rumors

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe published a Q&A on its website yesterday (March 17) with its chairman, Dave Archambault II. In it, he addressed rumors of his “selling out” to Dakota Access Pipeline developer Energy Transfer Partners and answered why he instructed supporters to leave the camps back in December.
The chairman has come under fire in the past, including in February when Sacred Stone Camp Founder LaDonna Brave Bull Allard accused his council on Facebook of “betray[ing]” the movement. During the March 10th Native Nations Rise March in Washington D.C., some marchers question whether he’d show up, often referring to him as “DAPL Dave.”
Archambault did attend the march and spoke at the rally. He did not address any of the allegations against him then, but he is now in the Q&A.
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