Police and Government Refuse To Stop ILLEGAL Pipeline, So Masked Vigilantes Destroy Bulldozers

Pipeline protesters recently took to using graffiti and chaining themselves to heavy equipment in order to stop construction on the looming, illegal Dakota Access Pipeline.“We’re making a statement that our ancestors fought so that we shall remain. It’s up to us to do the same for our future generations,” said Julie Richards of South Dakota. WATCH MORE ON LINK BELOW:

Richards made these comments while being chained to a piece of equipment needed for the construction of the pipeline. Using handcuffs or chains to tie a protestor to a piece of equipment is a well-known Direct Action strategy, and is considered to be effective and nonviolent.
Richards wrote Warrior Woman on her handcuffs and spent her time in chains to talk to the media about the issues Native
Women face. Protesters maintain that the construction of this pipeline will not only hurt the country as a whole but also will specifically hurt Native American women.

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