North Wales Police pulls officers out of Lancashire fracking site

North Wales Police has confirmed it will not be sending more officers to police protests outside Cuadrilla’s shale gas site near Blackpool.The force supplied officers at the Preston New Road site at Little Plumpton for a week earlier this month and a team of a sergeant and six constables will be on duty this week.
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But North Wales Police has turned down a request for reinforcements for another four weeks and a statement today said the support would end on Friday
We regularly support colleagues across the region as and when we can and when asked. As a force we also benefit from their support and it’s only right, when able, we reciprocate.
“North Wales Police officers have supported colleagues in Lancashire between 9th and 14th July and then from 23rd to 28th July.
“However due to high demands in north Wales over the holiday season, we are unable, at this time, to offer any further support. Colleagues in Lancashire are aware of, and understand this decision.”

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