If You Have A Heart Please Don’t Ignore This Post – The Whole World Needs To Know What’s Happening

Palm oil is a relatively new product that has only been in the market for the past 20 years. It is mostly known as a cheaper alternative for olive oil and coconut oil.
But, when companies found out how much it cost to make, began a new era where they would destroy everything to get their profits.
The worst part is that, to make this cheap product that we find in our supermarkets, the Primate population is the part that’s suffering and being massacred .

Also, it’s not even a healthy product for the body because it can be really damaging for the heart.
Places like Borneo, Sumatra, Indonesia and Malaysia are the ones that have been hit the worst and the scale of the destruction is terrifying.
The forest workers are instructed to clear away EVERYTHING that gets in their path, this includes animal habitats and even the animals themselves. They are running over orangutans with their logging trucks, and orangutan bodies have been found with machete wounds.

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