Ferrari Is Still Considering A New Dino But Doesn’t Want To, You Know, Look Cheap

Ferrari is apparently still arguing with itself over bringing back the Dino as a new entry level sports car, but there’s hesitation over brand image. They don’t want to start to look cheap, you know, like Porsche.God forbid we ever have dreams of maybe someday being able to walk into a dealership and buy a brand new Ferrari Dino, even if it is the “least expensive” model.

Ferrari still isn’t sure if it’s willing to deal with less-rich people in exchange for more of their money or not, but there is real talk being had about reviving the Dino name, according to Automotive News Europe:
See, our favorite insane uncle that also happens to be CEO of Fiat Chrysler, Sergio Marchionne, once “confirmed” the return of the Dino, but obviously that didn’t mean much of anything. Then there were rumors a year ago that Ferrari would offer a mid-engine entry-level car, possibly with a V6, but the Dino name wasn’t brought up.

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