DAPL Divide and Conquer Tactics Are Spreading Rumors and Accusations Without Proof

The tactics are as old as corporate warfare against workers organizing to take the power back… The Dakota Access Pipeline corporation, Enbridge, along with their paid agents, security, infiltrators as well as others, have been employing the divide and conquer tactics of spreading rumors, gossip, backbiting, and accusations, all without proof, and all stated conclusively.Add to this the factor of individual greed. Websites that saw the interest in the #NoDAPL protests realized that if they played to this division they could generate tremendous traffic from supporters of Enbridge – which greatly outnumber the water protectors. watch more on link below:

The oldest divide and conquer tactic of them all is to accuse someone of misappropriating funds. In the case of Sacred Stone, we published a letter from the camp’s owner months ago that called out the Standing Rock Sioux council for coming after fundraising money.
Few headed the warning we put out, and some even defended the council and attacked the owner of the land.
In time, the council ordered the BIA police to raid the Sacred Stone camp, which followed other raids before it – beginning with the Last Child camp.
It seemed that the warning was right, but it was far too late for anyone to listen by that point.

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