Dakota Access protesters say they were held in ‘dog kennels’ following mass arrests

Protesters on Friday also said they were held without bedding or furniture. As violent clashes over the $3.8 billion Dakota Access oil pipeline continue, allegations of abuse at the hands of law enforcement officials keep mounting. Native American activists arrested during the violent clearing of a protest camp last week say they were kept in “dog kennels.”
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We were caged in dog kennels, sat on the floor, and we were marked with numbers,” said Floris White Bull, in a YouTube video posted Saturday.
As she wiped tears from her face, she said the cages were placed in the garage at the Morton County Sheriff’s Department. “This is happening today, this isn’t something that we are reading in history books.”
Injuries were reported on both sides while activists said several protesters suffered broken bones. All of the protesters have been bailed out, thanks to an anonymous donor who paid $2.5 million for their release late Saturday, News On 6 reported.

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