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After “Standing Rock”, Or More Accurately, the “NO DAPL Encampments” My friends, my Water Protector Brothers and Sisters, and I spent months in the camps of Standing Rock, North Dakota. We all gave up our lives – our homes, families, friends, and entire careers – for this one pivotal moment in history. It lasted but a second in the grand scheme of things, yet it was a long battle, and a tough winter.
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The toughest of most, if not all, of our lives. We survived treacherous weather, police brutality, and secret operative infiltrations – all of which were life-threatening and all of which took a huge toll on our mental, physical, and spiritual health.
It was a moment in time of true unity. Of all nations coming together as one. We fulfilled prophecies. We made history. We made a difference. Finally, we all stood and spoke up and made a difference. It was hard. It was fun. It was beautiful. It was a once in a lifetime chance and experience for us all. And we all were a part of it, whether in the thick of it or at a distance. Whether you sent money or supplies, shared an article, or helped organize a benefit show. For we are all connected and we felt your love and support and energy and we thank you all for standing as one.

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