In August 2015, the Copenhagen-based filmmaker Madeleine Kate McGowan founded the alternative online media platform Other Story. Since then, she and the Other Story team have travelled around the world collecting film and audio recordings of personal stories about the changing planet, told by people who are living through the changes.

Other Story seeks to go beyond categorisation and facilitate the nuance, detail and sensitivity of the individual human story. In today’s media, people are commonly portrayed as cliché-ridden figures, something that can contribute to divisiveness and fear. By focusing on what all people have in common, such as love, friendship and dreams, the Other Story film series allows the viewer to meet the people behind categories. The films seek to facilitate the possibility for empathy and reverberation across nationality and culture.At Made in Space, representatives of Other Story will share films, sound recordings and anecdotes from their latest journey — to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota and South Dakota. Since April 2016, the Native American community, and the Lakota people in particular, have stood up to the Dakota Access Pipeline construction, fighting to protect their land, wildlife and water from catastrophic oil spills. The Other Story team met Leo Yankton, a Lakota native who was active in the Standing Rock protests. Leo will join Madeleine Kate, and share his thoughts on rituals, songs, native history and the prophecy about the tribe of all colours.

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