Trump wants to accuse the states of wrongdoing for protecting their citizens’ rights. If this makes you sick, comment yes and share!

WASHINGTON—President Donald Trump called on states to turn over voter records sought by his recently formed election-integrity commission at the panel’s first official meeting on Wednesday.“If any state does not want to share this information, one has to wonder what they’re worried about,” Mr. Trump said. “There’s something. There always is.”The panel, chaired by Vice President Mike Pence and formally called the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, has run into early legal entanglements in recent weeks. watch more…

Vice Chairman Kris Kobach, who also serves as Kansas secretary of state, late last month sent a letter to all 50 states requesting personal details on every registered voter—including birth dates, political party affiliations and the last four digits of Social Security numbers—as well as the elections they participated in since 2006, as permitted by state law.
Several states said the request seeks information they consider sensitive and beyond their legal power to turn over. They said they also objected to what they perceived to be an attempt to interfere in their operation of elections.

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