THIS Sickening Reason Is Why You Should NEVER Buy Food From Jimmy John’s Again!

Some companies should be boycotted for various reasons. Jimmy John’s is ABSOLUTELY one of them. And no, this isn’t about many of the issues people are always talking about when it comes to working for Jimmy John’s either. Like the fact that they force their sick employees to work for fear of losing their jobs. And if they get fired or quit, they’re not allowed to work at any sandwich shop or restaurant within a 3 mile radius of a Jimmy John’s either.. Which is pretty infuriating to hear even if you’re not an ex employee sick of making slave wages. (Read about all that here).

No. Today we’re talking about the owner, Jimmy John Liautaud himself, who is a complete f*cking a$$hole and psychopath who loves to spend your sandwich money on killing endangered animals in Africa.Heeeere’s Jimmy! Posing happily with the endangered bull elephant he just cowardly shot:

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