The People Opposing Keystone XL Are Trying to Protect a Way of Life

SILVER CREEK, NEBRASKA—In the early morning, cows graze randomly as cows will, down in the swales and up on the gentle hillsides on which they seem improbably to maintain their balance against the slopes. The swallows swoop and dive over the endless fields of corn that are interrupted only by endless fields of soybeans, watch more on link below:

which are then interrupted by more endless fields of corn, vast oceans of shining green leaves, until you finally get to the Platte River. The Keystone XL pipeline is supposed to go under the river, through the soybeans and the corn, up a hillside and down a swale, and right through this little spot at the intersection of County Road 133 and Havens, where a feral cat comes creeping out of the corn only to duck back into it when somebody notices.

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