The future of the Dakota pipeline is in Nebraska’s hands

Nebraska regulators will hear final arguments in the case of the pipeline proposed by TransCanada Corp, better known as the Keystone XL, to make a decision later this year.The complicated case of the Dakota oil pipeline, the Keystone XL, reaches its defining moments. Five months after the US government approved the bill, the decision is in the hands of the public hearings in Lincoln, Nebraska, to assess the pros and cons of such a conflicting project.

Although TransCanada has received authorization from both the US and Canadian governments, it also requires the licenses issued by the three states that the pipeline will cross. Both Montana and South Dakota have approved the route, and the decision is now in the hands of the last state: Nebraska.
The struggle for a crude oil transport plan has had its ups and downs. Since the project was launched in 2008, environmental activists and Native American representatives have opposed the encroachment of ancestral territories and compromised natural reserves, but their efforts have been in vain.

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