The ExxonKnew Iceberg: Name It After the ‘Climate Criminals,’ Says Group

Climate campaigners have a name proposed for a huge iceberg researchers say is about to break off from an ice shelf in Antarctica: the #ExxonKnew Iceberg.the calving, as the break-off is called, is happening on the Larsen C ice shelf in West Antarctica. According to the U.K.-based Project Midas, which is keeping track of the rift’s progress, it could be one of the largest icebergs on record. watch more in link below..

According to, the soon-to-be Delaware-sized iceberg presents an excellent opportunity to remind the public of Exxon’s role in fueling climate change.
“With one of the world’s biggest ice shelves at a breaking point, this destruction should bear the name of its greatest perpetrator: Exxon,” said Aaron Packard,’s Climate Impact Coordinator. “People deserve to understand the devastation of Exxon’s decades of climate deception, and realize fossil fuel companies for the climate criminals they are.”

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