Sports radio host comes to rescue in flooded Houston

John Lopez pulled into a middle-aged couple’s front yard on a 16-foot fishing boat Tuesday afternoon. Although they had never met, the Houston-area couple was thrilled to see him. He tossed them two life vests and helped them onto the boat. He never said his name, nor did they say theirs. There was no need for introductions. The couple was safe, and Lopez was again on his way to find more survivors in the wake of the overwhelming devastation left by Hurricane Harvey.

Moments later, though, when Lopez let out what those of us who know him recognize as his hearty and distinctive laugh, the couple quickly glanced at each other, then did a double take, giving Lopez a good long look. Although they never said it, Lopez knew. He knew that they now realized that the man who had borrowed a boat to come to their rescue was not simply an unknown Good Samaritan, but the popular sports radio personality they listen to daily on Houston’s KILT SportsRadio 610.

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