Sign To Help Al Franken Defend The NoDAPL Water Protectors!

Unbelievable! The FBI’s Terrorism Task Force is investigating our Water Protectors who fought to save the Missouri River from DAPL! But they aren’t alone, because Al Franken is working to help them. Add your name to join Al Franken in demanding the FBI explain their ridiculous claim that our Water Protectors might be terrorists!At least three Americans who were present in the action against DAPL at Standing Rock are being investigated by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, according to one news source. Watch more on link below:

Al Franken has stepped in to demand the FBI justify their investigation.“I am concerned that the reported questioning of political activists by one of the FBI’s terrorism task forces threatens to chill constitutionally protected conduct and speech,” he said in a letter to FBI Director, James Comey.Don’t you want to help Senator Al Franken defend our brave Water Protectors from being labeled as terrorists by the FBI? Add your name to join Senator Franken in demanding that FBI Director, James Comey, explain this so-called “terrorism” investigation against our Water Protectors, which undermines their basic constitutional rights as American citizens!

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