Seattle Put Its Money Where Its Mouth Is When It Comes To #NoDAPL.

Seattle is two states and one big mountain range away from North Dakota.
But for Lisa Herbold, a Seattle city council member, the voices of folks shivering outside in America’s heartland needed to be heard.
“It really moves me to think of the people who are hundreds of miles away from us today, waiting in the cold for our vote,” Herbold explained to the Los Angeles Times. watch more:

Thankfully, Seattle was listening. And it voted unanimously on the right side of history.
On Feb. 7, 2017, Seattle became the first city in the country to cut financial ties to the Dakota Access Pipeline, or DAPL — a project that could contaminate the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s clean water supply.
Seattle wasn’t directly funding the pipeline, of course. But Wells Fargo bank is.

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