Raped By Father, Police Forced Her To Take “Virginity Test”

A 14-year-old girl was subjected to a ‘virginity test’ after she complained of rape against her father. After the father refuted her charges, her mother decided to take her to an astrologer to get her tested. The astrologer asked her to place her palm on a board of iron nails. His theory was, if she bled after her palm was stamped, then she was lying against her father. When she was subjected to the ‘test’, the victim screamed in pain and locals rushed to her rescue. The police arrested her father, the astrologer, and another person on Tuesday night.
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The three arrested are Ramesh, the victim’s father, Mallesh, the astrologer, and his mother. Mallesh is Ramesh’s nephew.
“The family hails from Magadi. In the absence of his wife, a garments factory employee, the accused was alleged to have been regularly raping his daughter. He would then threaten to kill her mother if she spoke about the abuse. The girl, who kept quiet for some time, was unable to bear the harassment. She finally told her mother about the repeated rape. When the mother confronted her husband, the latter refuted the allegations and started scolding his daughter,” said an officer part of the investigations.

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