Oil Pipeline Built Aa ING Bank Headquarters To Protest Dakota Pipeline

On Thursday morning a group of about 20 Greenpeace activists dug room for and planted 15 meters of super heavy pipe sections at the ING headquarters in Amsterdam Zuidoost. They did so to protest against the Dutch bank’s part in financing the highly controversial Standing Rock pipeline in Dakota, United States, Het Parool reports.The oil pipeline is set to be built through the reservation of the Standing Rock Sioux Native American Tribe, in the north of the U.S.
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End last year the Obama administration withdrew the licenses and permits for the pipeline. But Donald Trump scrapped that decision as one of is first decrees. It therefore seems that the granting of the permits is only a matter of time.
With the huge pipeline built right into the ING headquarters’ office, the Greenpeace activists want to show what a massive effect such a pipeline can have on your home. “We’re giving them a taste of their own medicine”, campaign leader Kim Schoppink said to the newspaper.

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