NODAPL 2.0 — Water Protectors Take Stand In Louisiana To Resist ‘Tail End’ Of DAPL

With the executive order signed by President Trump to override the Corps of Engineers, it appears the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) is more likely to be bored underneath Lake Oahe, the water source of the Standing Rock Sioux. It’s a final insult in the violation of property rights and Native American treaties, all for a high-risk investment by oil tycoons.
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Regardless of the outcome, the massive protests and brave actions of water protectors showed the world that informed citizens will no longer stand idly by as fossil fuel exploitation needlessly threatens natural resources and civil rights. It exposed the police state for violent mercenaries protecting corporate interests, as militarized cops poured in from multiple states and the National Guard even manned checkpoints.
North Dakota isn’t the only state where the business venture of Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) is threatening vast swaths of water resources and property rights. In Louisiana, the tail-end of DAPL is set to be installed across 162 miles of the state – crossing 700 bodies of water, 600 acres of fragile wetlands, and “wells that reportedly provide drinking water for some 300,000 families

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