New amendment from Rep. Adam Schiff would block Secret Service from paying Trump businesses

If Rep. Adam Schiff has his way, the Secret Service wouldn’t be able to pay any businesses owned or operated by President Trump.The California Democrat announced Wednesday his plans to introduce an amendment to an appropriations bill meant to fund the government for fiscal 2018.  The amendment reads: “None of the funds made available by this Act to the United States Secret Service may be used to purchase, rent, or otherwise acquire goods or services, including hotel rooms, office space, or golf carts, from

entities that are owned or operated by the President or the immediate family of the President.”The creation of the amendment, which would apply specifically to the next fiscal year, comes after USA TODAY reported that Trump’s frequent travels — usually to his own properties — and his large family have put a financial strain on the Secret Service. More than 1,000 of its agents have already hit their salary and overtime caps for the year.

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