More arrests in anti-pipeline action: Standing Rock Sioux now part of resistance

SANDISFIELD – There were some new faces at Otis State Forest Saturday, and they’ve come here from Standing Rock in North Dakota, they say, to continue fighting another pipeline.”They called and we answered,” said Alvin Grassrope, referring to the climate justice group, Sugar Shack Alliance, of which 22 more members were arrested for trespassing into pipeline work areas on Saturday.
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While Sugar Shack activists were being handcuffed by state police and loaded into a van, Grassrope, a Lakota Sioux Indian, told The Eagle he and Antoine American Horse were from the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, the center of a massive protest entrenchment began last year by the tribe and activists nationwide over Energy Transfer Partners’ Dakota Access Pipeline.
The Lakota Sioux resisted the path of that 1,172-mile crude oil transmission line, saying it cut through tribal areas of cultural and religious significance, as well as a tribal water source. The pipeline was completed last spring, and is now active

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