Mark how can you possibly talk about North Dakota, Oil or the Dakota Access Pipeline?!!!!

Mark how can you possibly talk about North Dakota, oil or the Dakota Access Pipeline and effectively fully erase the stories and rich history of Indigenous people who have lived on the land for generations you just visited? How can you talk about fracking or oil and not talk about the effects on the water that every single person on this planet needs to survive? How can you talk about the Dakota Access Pipeline and not mention
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the months of brutal police tactics using water cannons in 22 degree weather, tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets, armored vehicles, 800 arrests with some people kept in dog cages and numbers written on their arms, people that were praying being ripped out of sweat lodges against their religious rights, mobilizing the National Guard, placing a rocket launcher on the side of a hill facing camps of people and mercenaries using dogs to attack women and spying against the historic resistance that just happened?
I was personally shot in the back with rubber bullets by police, tear gassed several times and hit by water cannons. All of that happened to me just in the matter of a few hours on one day covering the senseless attacks on Water Protectors at the Backwater Bridge in freezing temperatures. 300 people were treated for hypothermia. I posted my photos and videos on your platform Facebook. It sickens me that you mentioned the hope people felt without also mentioning the fear we felt when Donald Trump canceled a full environmental review and approved the Dakota Access Pipeline to go under the Missouri River. It’s time to protect our Mother Earth for the next seven generations.
I would ask you to meet with the indigenous youth and elders who stood against this oil pipeline that crossed treaty land and hear what they have to say about their home. I would ask you talk to the people of the Standing Rock Reservation.

Erasure of history can no longer happen. Indigenous people should be listened to.
Water Protectors used Facebook to show the world what happened at Standing Rock.
Visit Standing Rock.
Listen to their voices as well.

I left this comment on Mark’s post about his visit to North Dakota. If you go to the comments and respond to my post maybe he will see it and visit Standing Rock.

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