Logic should prevail with DAPL

The debate over the Dakota Access Pipeline has become one that is centered almost entirely on emotion and politics rather than reason, logic or science, as was proven when President Barack Obama refused to grant operators the final easement required to complete the project. That decision marked a disturbing day for America because it endorsed the fact that lawless, intimidating and terrorist behavior can be rewarded.
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But this decision doesn’t change the facts. These are facts that have gone largely ignored, and there are many, many people who simply want straight-to-the-matter answers. We field many of these questions, and some individuals even offer advice or opinions:
“Why not make the pipeline extra thick?” “Could the company monitor the pipeline regularly?”
“Maybe it should follow in the path of existing infrastructure off the reservation?”
Our answer to these questions, which are a simple “It is” or “It does” leaves many of these inquiring and eager-to-learn individuals shocked. “Why isn’t this information being shared?” they’ll ask.

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