Liberals Now Want To Abolish ‘Fathers Day’- Here’s What They Want It Changed To

It seems political correctness is not solely an American problem, that bug has bitten Australia too.  Currently, in Australia there is a campaign that has been launched to rename “Father’s Day” and the idea appears to be gaining traction among certain groups.The campaign is being spearheaded by a lady named Red Ruby Scarlet.  Scarlet had a Ph. D in early childhood studies and she thinks that Father’s Day is highly unfair to children that have no father present in their life.
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As a result of this, Scarlet is proposing that the name of the holiday be changed to “Special Persons’ Day.”Scarlet gave an interview with Adelaide’s “Today Tonight” television news show.  During the interview, Scarlet was asked if “Special Persons’ Day” was just for children without dads, or if it was more inclusive than that.

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