Indigenous filmmaker flips script on Standing Rock

How would a white family feel if a First Nations firm got approval to run a pipeline under their homeA new short film is using comedy to imagine what it would look like if the roles in Standing Rock, N.D., were reversed.
No Reservations tells the story of a First Nations company given approval to run a pipeline through a white, suburban neighbourhood.
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“I wanted to give a different perspective and put people in our shoes to see how it would feel if we put a pipeline underneath their land,” said Trevor Carroll, who wrote and directed the film. No Reservations opens with Peter and Marilyn Whiteman in the quiet, imaginary suburb of Sitting Pebble. A visibly First Nations pipeline company official notifies the Whitemans that they are “building a pipeline” under their home. The Whitemans decide to fight back by rounding up their neighbours and building a blockade out of hockey nets and pool noodles.

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