How do you temper a child’s tantrum? A young dad shows us and it’s adorable

Terrel Crawford did a Facebook Live video of his 3-year-old’s “Walmart attitude” that now has 21 million views on Facebook.MOUNT VERNON, Ohio — Three-year-old Ari Crawford was not happy that her parents, Terrel Crawford and Ashley Miller, took her mother’s cellphone from her.The family, including Crawford, Miller, Ari and 2-year-old Kyndrik, was shopping at Walmart in Mount Vernon earlier this month. As Ari started to scream and cry, her father took her outside to calm down.
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Crawford, 29, a licensed massage therapist who works in the music and digital marketing industries, decided to go live on his Facebook page, showing his daughter’s tantrum and explaining his philosophy of firm but loving parenting.”I don’t want her to think less of me because we’re taking something away from her,” Crawford said in an interview with the News Journal on Tuesday. “But she has to know that even everything we give her, they have to really deserve it.”The family, who lives in the Mount Vernon area, had gone to Walmart after Crawford got home from work, and they gave Ari her mother’s phone to distract her during the trip.

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