How American History Erases Mass Killings Against Native Americans

When we talk about Columbus we all know him as a hero that discovered a new land, someone who deserves a national holiday, but what it is never mentioned is that when Columbus reached the indigenous people of the Caribbean in 1492, an era of colonization, slavery, murder, and exploitation of the indigenous people began.
It has been shown that Columbus and his men did terrible things to indigenous people. They chopped up the bodies of Natives people and fed them to their hunting dogs, kidnapped and sold pre-teen girls in the sex trade and enslavement. There are also facts that 3-5 million Indigenous people had disappeared due to illness and the brutality of their tactics during that time.

But, they didn’t stop there. The massive massacre started to spread in the Western hemisphere also. Europeans killed over 100 million people. In North America alone, it is estimated the 20-50 million people were lost in the brutal campaigns of Europeans in the Americas.
All these events belong in the American History but it is largely left out from it as an attempt to remove it. We all know only the good side of Columbus but what we don’t know is the Historical side of his where he is known as a mass murderer and slave trader.

Americans try to not mention the genocide they did to Native Americans in order to erase the distasteful memory for the collective mind space. They want to make people forget it, because according to them it’s as if you’re absolved of the crime. But, we must always remember that worst mass shootings took place against the forgotten indigenous people.

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