From Standing Rock to Black Rock, Burning Man Welcomes Native Voices

What does an Indigenous-led prayerful movement to protect sacred water have in common with the world’s most popular West Coast bohemian, electronic-music, art festival and party? At first glance they may seem to be on opposite sides of the spectrum but upon a closer look we see something inspired and beautiful when opposites come together.

This story promises to illuminate what happens when people with diverse perspectives share in deep listening, celebration, and solidarity. At Burning Man on August 29 and across the planet people will gather, or tune in to a livestream around the heartbeat of the sacred drum. This is the Power of Prayer.
Perhaps we don’t have enough examples of how to bridge the divide that has engulfed our social, political, and cultural landscape. What does it look like when we focus on what we share in common instead of the places we disagree? This is the message of Unify, a nonprofit organization with a large international network and social media presence that hosts globally synchronized events. Unity is achieved when different tribes gather at a traditional pow-wow, and this is the spirit of community that people come together for at Burning Man each August. We are one people, ancient and modern, sharing one sacred planet as it spins through an endless sea of stars. It’s time that we start to live in a way that honors this miracle.

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