Cops Are FINALLY Being Sued For ILLEGALLY Spraying Standing Rock Protesters With Water In Freezing Temperatures

The bridge attack on the 20th of November against the Water Protectors at DAPL left a lot of consequences. That’s why it had been decided to file an excessive lawsuit against the Morton Country Sheriff. But, the sheriff’s office continues to indicate that they simply didn’t know that the lawsuit was filed, because the sheriff himself decided to refuse being served with the paperwork. And supposedly he used the power of the office to do that.

“Although he was present in his office, Sheriff Kirchmeier did not make himself available for personal service. On the morning of December 1, the Morton County States Attorney accepted service on behalf of Sheriff Kirchmeier’’ said Judge Daniel Hovland.

According to Water Protesters at DAPL this is a pure example of how law enforcement can be used and manipulated for personal benefits. And, to Natives this is only another cruelty and a lie of the US government.

Except Morton County Sheriff, there are also other names on the lawsuit including Mandan Police Chief Jason Ziegler. He was the one that was known for his comments defending the use of force against protestors. “It was effective, wasn’t it? We can use whatever force is necessary to maintain peace. When they are throwing rocks, burning logs, shooting slingshots with projectiles at our officers that would fall under what we would call less lethal, same things as rubber bullets, which doesn’t hurt as much.”

For Native Americans especially for the protestors that were the victims in this case, it is really frustrating to know that still to this day, the only solution to resolving conflicts is by using outright state-funded violence.

It really is “pitchfork and torches time in America,” like Milwaukee Sheriff David A Clarke said in October.

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