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Our fiery Lakota Grandmother/Wounded Knee Veteran Helen RedFeather broke her arm and fell badly on her hip during her 6 month occupation at Standing Rock. She loves dogs, and has served her communities fiercely since she joined AIM when she was 16. She worked for years in Pueblo Colorado helping indigenous youth get out of gangs and interested in their traditional roots again. The dog she gifted me currently has her own website and Granny inspired Wopila Thunder Dog, the comic book to help educate communities about the history of broken treaties and indigenous rights (
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She returned home to her families land in Wounded Knee SD, at Dancing Horse Camp ( after being evicted at gunpoint from the land (Oceti Sakowin) promised her people in the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868. She lives close to the land and has to haul her water to camp from the housing a few miles away. Her vehicle that we got donated at Standing Rock has recently sustained enough damages where a new vehicle will be necessary ASAP. Granny has served her communities for decades and now I am humbly requesting assistance with keeping her supplied with fresh clean drinking water. The spring on at Dancing Horse Camp that her family used to use for drinking water become over run with cattle ranching so she has to haul her

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