BREAKING: Trump Sends In The Feds…

Flooding continues to ravage Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and it’s expected to continue throughout the week.An article on reports that the National Guard has been mobilized from multiple states to help in the effort. Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX), said that the assistance from President Trump and the White House has been amazing. “We’ve made multiple requests and we’re getting absolutely everything we need. The White House is being very responsive.”

To assist in rescue efforts, a number of states in the area have sent in National Guard members to provide air and ground assistance. Fire Department rescue units have also arrived in Texas, along with Coast Guard members, as seemingly everyone is pouring in to provide aid.
Boats are patrolling the streets to rescue and transport people, helicopters are snatching people stranded on rooftops, and the Coast Guard is sweeping through the Gulf of Mexico looking for fisherman and freighters stranded by the storms.Governor Abbot thanked the states that have lent aid, such as New York, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Florida saying, “This is something where everybody is pitching in to help out.”

Andrew Cuomo, Democrat Governor of New York, has sent in more than 100 National Guardsmen along with various aircraft, watercraft, and trained personnel to assist in the effort. “As Hurricane Harvey continues to devastate the Gulf Coast, I am deploying emergency personnel and equipment to help mitigate damage and aid in the recovery effort,” he stated.Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City, released a tweet saying they would send 120 personnel to assist with medical aid and rescue efforts. “After Superstorm Sandy, so many cities stepped up to help our people. We’ll do all we can to help those affected by this storm.”

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