BREAKING: Hillary Caught In $117 Million Fraud Scandal

It never seems to end with the Clintons, does it? After all the scandals and misbehaviors that have come to light about the family over the past year, one would have thought the vast reservoir of their misdeeds has been exhausted. Unfortunately, it seems far from being the case.New information has emerged showing that The Clinton Foundation was Hillary Clinton’s personal get-rich-quick scheme, and that’s obvious from how little actual charity work the organization did. In contrast with George W.

Bush’s efforts for people suffering from AIDS in Africa, a Clinton initiative started for a similar cause spent only $23 million of its $140 million in expenditures on the program. The rest was blown away on management, consulting fees, and travel expenses, according to Breitbart.According to their website, the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) was set up in 2002 to help Africans suffering from AIDS and HIV. The Clinton Foundation would describe CHAI as a separate entity from the foundation, and CHAI boasted a “solution-oriented approach” to solving these health related problems.

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