BP Pipeline Ruptures, Spills Unknown Amount Of Coal-Bed Methane Into CO River

A British Petroleum pipeline in Colorado ruptured last week for still “unknown” reasons, spilling similarly unknown quantities of methane-contaminated wastewater into a tributary of the Los Pinos river.British Petroleum (BP), the company behind the devastating “Deepwater Horizon” oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, has – once again – been found responsible for a spill in Colorado. watch more on link below..

Though BP is better known for its petroleum products, the spill released still unknown amounts of coal-bed methane wastewater into a tributary of the Los Pinos river, known as Sauls Creek. The rupture was discovered on December 13th,, but not made public until more recently. State reports said that a 6-inch fiberglass gathering line was found leaking early that morning on a Forest Service Road, though BP representatives have insisted that it was discovered just two hours after the rupture took place. The discovery of the leak led to the immediate emergency construction of an earthen dam in order to prevent the toxic wastewater from traveling farther downstream. BP crews also shut down 17 nearby gas fracking wells they own in addition to shutting off the ruptured pipeline. An early estimate, cited by the Durango Herald, showed that the contaminated water had traveled at least 2,300 feet along the tributary bed.

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