As Houston copes with catastrophic flooding, more than 1,000 die in India monsoon

NEW DELHI — Heavy rains paralyzed India, Bangladesh and Nepal for the second day Wednesday, as the worst monsoon in years has caused more 1,000 deaths.In the western India city of Mumbai, many of its 20 million residents waded through waist-high water trying to get home from work after being stuck there overnight. Buses and trains were halted as roads became impassable.India is used to regular flooding during monsoon season from June to September, especially in Mumbai, where millions live in shantytowns with poor drainage.

Still, this year’s floods are unusually severe. And now, the weather service is predicting continuing rain through the week.Shikha Joshi, 32, a banker in Mumbai, had to spend the night inside a local train that was trapped because the railway tracks were under water.

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