Antifa Sees “Bikers for Trump” Arrive, Enraged By What They Quietly Began to Do

The blatant exaggeration of the liberal media has left a sour taste in the mouths of many Trump supporters around the country. When the President planned a rally in Phoenix, Arizona a group of bikers knew what they had to do.A group called Bikers for Trump Arizona got together on Facebook and decided that they were going to do everything possible to ensure that people could go to the rally unharmed. Due to previously viewed videos of Antifa, the bikers knew it would be an uphill battle as they held their peaceful composure against the violent protesters.

Before they went in and started protecting attendees, they decided to gather in a circle and pray for the safety of all the bikers involved. This likely infuriated the Left even further.The people involved in the Bikers for Trump Arizona group established group rules before they went into the rally. Ground rules seem to be a foreign concept to groups like Antifa, as evidenced by their typical behavior.

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