5 Signs That Your Boyfriend Isn’t As Committed To The Relationship As You

It’s a sad truth but it’s one that we’re all just going to have to learn to live with. Sometimes, we can end up in a relationship with someone we’re wholeheartedly in love with; and yet that person doesn’t seem to be able to reciprocate the kind of intensity that your love is bringing to the table. Not to say that your partner doesn’t love you, it’s just that you don’t feel that he loves you as much as you love him. This kind of emotional imbalance in a relationship can be very disconcerting.

For one, it can mean that you aren’t operating on the same wavelength as a couple. Two, it might also mean that one side of the relationship will hold all of the emotional power. But how do you know for sure if there is an emotional imbalance in the relationship? How do you know if your partner isn’t trying as hard as you? It’s very important for you to always know where your partner’s headspace is with regards to your relationship. You have to be able to read one another to be able to accurately assess the state of your romantic union. If indeed an imbalance exists, then you need to be able to fix that if you want to promote the harmony of your relationship. If you allow this kind of emotional imbalance to persist in a relationship, then you are essentially dooming yourselves. You can’t be passive about this. You can’t just choose to turn a blind eye. This is an important issue and it needs to be addressed head on.

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