12 Kickass Comebacks For When Your Ex Starts Annoying You!

Getting into a relationship and getting out of it has become a routine. We have started playing with relationships and that is why sometimes we have to bear sh*t from our ex(s). But not anymore, people. Presenting to you 12 kickass comebacks for when your ex starts annoying you.

Ex(s) really give a hard time after breakups by their crappy emotional dramas. They beg you for being getting back with them when you have succeeded in moving on.

Well, no worries now, peeps. Whenever you get your ex hitting on you again, just throw these kickass comebacks at them and you’re good in fu*cking him/her over. Don’t let your heart get softened by their cute words. Be strong and show them where they belong to.

Don’t forget to take notes of these kickass comebacks for your ex.

1. You won’t believe how many girls like me now. But I still miss you

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